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Antispam Gateway
Our Antispam gateway is a cloud-based service that works with your current e-mail infrastructure

Top 4 reasons,you will like our solution
We're experienced at blocking spam, and we're always getting better.
Our customers will see more than 99 percent of their spam messages blocked, with a near-zero false positive rate. As our system builds up a profile of your incoming e-mail over time, that effectiveness will only increase.
Your messages are as important to us as they are to you.
On average, it takes a message five seconds to make its way through our system and get delivered to your e-mail server. We also take extra care to keep your e-mail secure, and once a message is delivered to you it's removed from our servers.
We've researched enough to make our anti spam solution invisible.
Managing your e-mail shouldn't require going to a website every day. Our system was designed from day one to not require any special configuration or maintenance in order to keep your e-mail free from spam. We like to think that if you're going to our website to change something, we haven't done a good enough job.
Our customers are helping each others filter, each time they receive a spam
Our system learns from every e-mail that it sees. This means that when you sign up for service, you aren't getting a blank slate, you're getting an already-tuned engine for your domain. Each message that gets blocked or delivered gets analyzed and learned for even better service.
In five minutes, you're up and running
Installation of our anti spam is as easy as changing a DNS record for your domain. After you switch your DNS MX records to point our system, you'll immediately notice a drop in the amount of spam that hits your inbox. After a few days, due to the nature of how DNS is cached across the Internet, you'll start to see the full benefit of our system.

Spending a little more time on your e-mail server configuration yields even better results. We work with our clients to make sure you're following our recommended setup, so that spammers don't get any opportunity to clog up your inboxes at all.
Sign for the anti spam solution now. It only Rs. 14,000 / year
/ domain and can protect unlimited mailboxes