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Going Forward
Renaissance Technologies planning to build a first of its kind 300,000 sq foot Tier -3 Green Data Center in Bangalore with an investment of over 100 million dollars in the next 3 years. Renaissance newest Data Center combines the best in environment-friendly facility design, green approaches to power and cooling, and an architectural approach optimized for virtualization and cloud computing, with the aim of delivering "everything as a service."
Some of the salient features of the Data Center would be:
  Tier -3 Compliance
  Build to Suit Blocks for independent clients
  Instead of hundreds of environmentally challenging batteries which are often used in older data centers, the
    uninterruptable power supply (UPS) room in the 5 megawatt data center (expandable to 10 megawatt) uses
    rotary flywheels, which require little energy to continue in motion and start the diesel generators in case
    of power loss.
  The data center would be cooled by an energy-efficient air-side economizer design, which reduces the need
    for mechanical chilling by using ambient fresh air when the outside temperature is low enough.
  A lagoon captures rainwater to irrigate the indigenous, drought-resistant landscape plants.
  Solar cells on the roof generate 100 kilowatts of power for the office spaces in the building

Data Center Location, IT,ITES Park Devenahalli
Proposed Data Center